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You can contact us by -

  • Telephone:  (08) 9757 2960 (within Australia) +61 8 9757 2960 (international)

  • Facsimile:  (08) 9757 2964 (within Australia) +61 8 9757 2964 (international)

  • Post:  Eagles Heritage, PO Box 1462, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia

  • e-Mail:  .  If you cannot see a mailto link displayed at left, your browser has blocked active content.

  • Or come and see us in person.

    Margaret River is located in the south west corner of Western Australia.
    The region is famous for its wineries, beaches, world class surf and beautiful natural environment.

    The closest international airport is in the WA capital, Perth.  Margaret River is on the Bussell Highway, an easy three and a half hour drive from Perth.

    Eagles Heritage lies 5km south-south west of the Margaret River town centre at 341 Boodjidup Road.
    It is easily accessed from Margaret River by driving south along the Bussell Highway:
    Drive out of the town centre, go past the TAFE college campus, then turn right at the Boodjidup Road roundabout.
    Eagles Heritage is 3km from the roundabout, opposite the main entrance to the popular Xanadu Winery.

    If you are using a GPS device to find us, please be aware that a lot of "Points of Interest" on popular map services may not be entirely accurate out in rural areas like ours, so you may wish to enter these coordinates in to your device: S 3359.055' E 11503.375'

    If you can't find us, call us on 08 9757 2960, tell us where you are and we'll give you directions. Please be aware that it is illegal to use a hand held mobile (cell) phone while driving in Western Australia! For your safety and the safety of other road users, please use a hands-free device, have a passenger make the call, or find a safe place to pull over and stop before calling.

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